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  • Sep 29
    Howland Cultural Center Beacon


New Artists Records (NA1007) 

Liz Gorrill*/Charley Krachy: A JAZZ DUET " . . . she slam dances between registers with such aplomb that her duets with Krachy occasionally remind you not only of Tristano and Marsh, but of Cecil Taylor and Jimmy Lyons. In other words, "A Jazz Duet" summons up memories of piano-and-saxophone duets you only THINK you've heard - testimony to its power.

" . . . they work well together . . . this music displays the courage of its aesthetic convictions, and it's a welcome antidote to all the faceless neo-bop and fuzak which seem to constitute about 90% of recent jazz releases."         

" . . . for all the individuality and freedom of movement, there's a strong, confident sense of direction in the work of both players . . . it's a demanding and creative performance."


" . . . I love this CD, I've been playing it constantly for days, and I'd walk on my knees through the snow to see this duo play live."               

The two instrumental voices merge satisfyingly on "317 East 32nd Street" where Gorrill *offers not only a bass line, but also apt commentary for the saxophonist in cleverly obscured "Out Of Nowhere" territory. Most of the structures are familiar, but they merely serve as secure foundations for daring improvisation. Dynamics are important in such intimate music, and Liz Gorrill's variety of touch becomes an essential ingredient in ensuring that the performances move through many layers and engender subtle shifts of mood. With all its complexity, the music maintains a momenturm and inner logic that is a tribute to the participants. "How High The Moon," that perennial jazz racer, has its character reversed by a slow, reflective treatment in which no pet licks are used to escape hatches. A most stimulating set, at its best, perhaps, when the duo swings unselfconciously and with considerable exhilaration on "My Melancholy Baby." Mark Gardner Jazz Journal, July 1991

*Liz Gorrill is now known as Kazzrie Jaxen

Krachy, Fite and Dirke

"...a veritable spine tingler!...a series of absolutely world-class improvisations." -


"...the three have created a weave of rich textures and colors...long strings of piano notes like pearls of water, intertwined with the lush sound of the tenor and the constant thread of the guitar winding in and out of the texture, sometimes steely and strong, othertimes vibrant and soft..."-

"Sometimes virtosic players merge into the thing they were clearly born for....Kazzrie Jaxen, Charley Krachy, Don Messina and Bill Chattin assemble and slowly, with the playing of the music, become the mountain top where God and Man dance in sheer, unobstructed heights and distillation of joy"

Helena Clare Pittman, author/artist/jazz listener, Oct 7, 2012