Live at The Cooperage


  • Jul 13
    Jazz at the Mall Yorktown Heights

Jazzman's Serenade

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Charley Krachy
Lyrics by Sharon Guzi-Krachy


the song is new yet the song is so old

the song is blue and it's gold ever glows in the soul

it's just another jazzman's serenade


a famous horn from the past knows the tune

and the great horns of today

all the while in my heart i'm knowing it's a jazzman's way


haunted melodies from days ceasing to be

through your horn it comes to life so eagerly


mister jazzman with that horn in your hand

do what you do to my soul

inspiration profound from the past so renowned

from the greats to your horn and the tune has been born

mister jazzman play your serenade